Sunday, September 25, 2011

God Golly..Time Flies!

So I had completely forgotten i had this blog and was going to make a new one! So I will start posting again when i feel like it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Really I just need to use the bathroom...

So this is a few days late. So on Halloween I was the Grim Reaper. I was back in Carnevil although no longer running the dunk tank. I was in a box up in front of Carnevil. Alot of people were rather terrified of me which i found to be highly amusing. Well about 3 hours into the evening i REALLY had to go to the restroom. But since we were outside we had been told we were only allowed to use the port-o-potty's. It was bad enough that i didn't care. I called roaming over and told them where i was going so they could keep an eye open up front. So i get out and walk out the fence and round the corner. There is a group of about 10 high school aged ghetto fab black girls. They all take one look at me as i start walking toward i guess they assumed it was them. When actually they were just on the sidewalk in front of the port-o-potty's. They all started screaming and took off running down the street. I felt so accomplished even though i wasn't trying to scare them i guess it worked out. I had to keep my self from rolling until i was in the confines of the stall.

Made my Halloween.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stitches and Screams

So i had an interestingly bloody day Sunday and Monday. Sunday was the yearly trip to the House of Shock so i was rather excited. When it came time to get ready i had taken a little nap and had over slept. So i took off in a rush to the bathroom it felt like i stubbed my toe on something but it didn't really hurt . When i made it to the bathroom i took a look at my toe which had started to bleed a little bit. So i made a call to one of my friends at the haunted house asking them to wait for me and not leave without me. I had wrapped my to in some tissues to try to stop the bleeding not thinking it was all that bad at first. But when i looked down to check on it i realized that i had bled through all the towels and it was dripping all over the floor. I kind of started to freak out at this time not really knowing what to do. I called a friend of mine and he rushed over and by the time he had gotten there i had stopped bleeding. Although my apartment looked like a murder scene because i kind of bled all over it. So he bandaged it up and took me over to his place. He convinced me to go to the Dr Monday. So i went i was having allot of issues walking so i had been using an umbrella i have as a cane. Which I'm sure was an amusing sight. So i made it in there and they removed the bandages and the nurse started to clean it i out of auto reaction screamed and bit my friend. Kind of embarrassing. So she stopped cleaning and said she was scared of hurting me. The Dr came in with what looked like to me to be a massively huge needle. Although I'm sure I'm over exaggerating a good bit but i am really terrified of needles mainly when its part of a shot. They had to give me a shot on either side of my toe to numb it before they could continue to clean it. Which hurt and the Dr didn't really help the situation very much after i told him i was terrified of shots. This crazy Russian Dr felt it was necessary to playfully jab it at me (cap still on obviously) at my arm like he was going to stab me with it. So my toe swells up once they shoot me up with this numbing shot. He comes in and starts to clean it. He then informs me that i will need stitches as when i cut it the inside of my toe came out and was just kind of hanging there. So in come what look like to me instruments of torture. And he goes to shove my toe innards back inside and sew me up. That numbing shot didn't really work all that great because i felt ALL of this. And again i was screaming and freaking out. So again this crazy Dr thought it was a good idea to stop and tell me that if i didn't stop screaming as it scares other patients then he would give me a shot on the nose. :/ So finished it up and gave me a script for vicodin. Although i am on pain killers it still hurts an ungodly amount and my toe looks like a Vienna sausage.

Here is the toe pre stitches..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Homecoming To Remember.

So..I work at the top rated haunted house in the country. We have been lucky enough to be #1 for the past 2 years in a row. You can check us out here .

This year we have something new. A Haunted Midway called Carnevil. Its basically an area with some carnie games, live bands, food, merchandise, party hosting, and some areas that company's purchased to use such as a rock wall and laser tag. All in all pretty cool. I'm running a dunk booth called Drown the Clown. I'm the ball handler/ticket taker for that.

But across the way there is a booth called Shot in the Dark. Where you can set off an air cannon inside the haunted house and there is a video feed so you can see it when you scare the people with the air cannon and time it for when you want to set it off.

Well this group of high school kids came through after their homecoming. Some of them wanted to go through the haunted house and some of them did not. The ones that didn't just came over to carnevil and they were going to meet back up with their friends when they were done with the house over there.

Well the kids found shot in the dark and decided it would be a GREAT idea if they set it off when they saw their friends. There was one guy who didn't go in the house but his girlfriend did. They finally see their friends appear on the screen. But whats this. That guys girlfriend was making out with his best friend on camera and they didn't even know it. I could imagine that Monday was an interesting day at school when all of their friends that were at carnevil shared this story. I would really love to know the outcome of this but i can always imagine it. And imagined is probably far more funnier...